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Founded in 1998, Xiamen Evada Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Evada") has 27 sales service organizations throughout the country. It is the holder of the Chinese famous brand "EVADA", a national-level high-tech enterprise and ranks the top 10 in UPS enterprises of China. The company is devoted to the field of electrical energy transformation and intelligent energy (including PV power generation, charging pile, energy storage and other energy Internets), with products covering UPS (modular UPS, high-frequency UPS, power frequency UPS and lithium battery UPS), inverter power supply, solar and wind inverter, LED driven power supply, communication power supply, data center key facilities (precise air conditioner, microcomputer room, machine room dynamic environment monitoring and storage battery etc.), as well as various special power supply products. Undertaking the enterprise mission of making electric power more reliable and efficient, we are devoted to becoming a leader in the field of transformation of electrical energy.
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