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  • 2017 Year

    Strategic Transformation

    In 2017, Evada transformed its strategy to the layout of 5G products and obtained the certification of military industry qualification, established 27 branches nationwide and established nationwide equipment centers in Beijing and Xi'an etc.

  • 2018 Year

    Take off

    In 2018, Evada forges ahead together!

  • 2016 Year

    Top R&D team

    In 2016, Evada established Shenzhen Evada Technology Co., Ltd. to be devoted to the research and development of modular high-end products and established a top R&D team in Shenzhen.

  • 2015 Year

    Growing up

    In 2015, Evada established Xiamen Evada Communication Power Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Evada New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established a postgraduate workstation and researched and developed military customized power products.

  • 2014 Year

    Own property

    In 2014, to be further bigger and stronger, Evada invested to construct a production office more than 30,000 square meters with self-occupation property right, and it was put into use in February 2016.

  • 2013 Year

    25 offices

    In 2013, Evada has mass product of 4G base station power supply, and established 25 offices nationwide.

  • 2009 Year

    Set up a branch

    In 2009, Evada has its UPS products put on line, won the prize for progress in science and technology and established branches in Shenyang, Hebei and Tianjin.

  • 2006 Year

    The industry is in the top 3

    In 2006, Evada had mass production of 3G base station power products and electrical products, with industrial performance ranking the top three in communication industry and power industry.

  • 2001 Year

    Received the Science and Technology Progress Award

    In 2001, the digital intelligent UPS products were put on line and won the third prize for progress in science and technology.

  • 1999 Year

    New journey

    In 1999, Evada moved its headquarters to Xiamen and established new branches in Chongqing, Nanchang and Lanzhou.

  • 1998 Year


    Evada was established in 1988 and established 11 branches in Beijing, Xi'an, Guangzhou and Taiyuan etc. at the beginning of establishment.

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