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HQ-M80R series 10kVA~80kVA


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

◆Standard 19-inch rack-mount design;

◆High power density, 20KVA power module of 2U design;

◆Online hot plugging + front side maintenance, to reduce the capacity expansion and maintenance time;

◆Standard lead-acid battery serves as the backup battery, to be compatible with lithium-iron battery;

◆Electronic load function, to reduce the energy consumption on the site and in the ageing process;

◆Unique air duct design and intelligent speed regulating fan, to effectively reduce the fan noise;

◆THDi<3% & input power factor up to 0.999, to reduce the harmonic pollution to power grid;

◆Cold start of battery is supported, so that the users can start directly via battery pack under the condition without available mains supply;

◆ECO mode, to guarantee the maximum efficiency under good power grid environment, and save the energy consumption;

◆Friendly human-computer interface with an oversized touch screen, to display Chinese, English, and other languages of different countries;

◆Communication management: RS232/RS485/SNMP (optional)/LBS cable (optional)/lightening protection module (optional).

Government, finance, communication, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial tax, medical health, energy power, and other fields


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