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HQ-M300 series 10kVA-300kVA


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

◆ Advanced system parallel technology, to support 8 sets in parallel connection at maximum;

◆ Intelligent module sleep mode, to guarantee energy conservation in the full range of loads;

◆ ECO mode, to guarantee the maximum efficiency under good power grid environment;

◆ Electronic load function, to reduce the energy consumption on the site and in the ageing process;

◆ Battery number is adjustable, and shared battery pack is supported, to realize field demand configuration and flexible investment;

◆ Friendly human-computer interface with an oversized touch screen, to display Chinese, English, and other languages of different countries;

◆ Cold start of battery is supported, so that the users can start directly via battery pack under the condition without available mains supply;

◆ Input power factor up to 0.999; input harmonic smaller than 3%; and overall efficiency up to over 96%, to realize true green and energy conservation;

◆ High-performance intelligent speed regulating fan; fan redundancy design; and half-load work is also supported if 2 fans are out of order, without influence on the use of user’s equipment;

◆ Industry-first UPS host integration BMS battery management function, able to monitor the internal parameters of each battery, therefore, saving the customer’s battery construction and operation costs greatly.

◆ Module is of unique air duct design, to fully isolate the core parts like power semiconductor and control system from air duct, therefore, improving the adaptability of UPS to severe environment.

It is widely applied in the fields of government, finance, communication, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial tax, medical health, energy power, and etc.


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