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HQ-M500 series 40kVA~500kVA


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

◆DSP full-digital control, to realize the full digital control of rectification, inversion, charge, discharge, and different power conversion links;

◆Intelligent battery management solutions, and intelligent “three-order” type battery charge and discharge management system, to extend the battery service life;

◆Input power factor up to 0.99; input harmonic current smaller than 3%; and overall efficiency up to over 96%, to realize energy efficiency;

◆Intelligent sleep mode, able to realize sleep rotation through settable dwell time, to realize green and energy conservation; 

◆Intelligent system self-diagnosis program, rich failure record, and large-capacity historic record storage space; 

◆Friendly human-computer interface, equipped with large screen LCD touch screen and controlling keyboard, with abundant information;

◆Three-phase input and output double-conversion pure online product, to provide the best power supply quality and load protection;

◆Modular design; hot plugging of module is supported, to facilitate the site maintenance.

◆Superstrong load adaptability, and superstrong overload and short-circuit capacities;

◆Digital circulation control technology, with a very high parallel reliability: 3 racks in parallel connection can be supported at maximum;

◆The panel is equipped with EPO emergency shutdown button;

◆All circuit boards are of three-proofing technology.

It is widely applied in the fields of government, finance, communication, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial tax, medical health, energy power, and etc.


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