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XMI-D series electric power UPS 1-120KVA

XMI-D系列电力专用UPS 1-120KVA

  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Easy installation, and flexible use 

◆Standard 19-inch U rack, easy to install, and flexible to assemble the screen

Stable and reliable 

◆Meet the power supply requirements, DC current and AC current are completely isolated.

◆Standard output isolation transformer, to provide pure power supply for load.

◆Special air duct design, without dust accumulation on the plate, to guarantee the power device to be in good operating state, therefore, improving the overall reliability.

◆Reliable and stable static bypass function, to realize zero switching between inversion and bypass, and guarantee uninterrupted output.

◆AC-DC and DC-AC double-conversion technology, without switching time, to realize the online inverter function, and provide the most reliable protection for load.

◆Ultra wide input voltage range (165-275Vac/285~475Vac), able to guarantee normal power supply in the substation and power plant with very bad electric power environment.

◆Power-on self-test function, to guarantee the timely discovery and handling of equipment faults if any in the start-up process.

◆With various protection functions of over-load, overvoltage/undervoltage of mains supply, short circuit, battery undervoltage, over-temperature, and emergency shutdown.

Various operating modes and friendly monitoring function 

◆Hot backup of series of machines is supported, N+X parallel redundancy, to provide high-reliable power supply.

◆Monitoring protocol is optional, electrical installation’s background monitoring of manufacturer is compatible, and there is a friendly monitoring function.

◆Chinese LCD panel, to display the various states, and make the operating state of inverter power supply clear to see.

◆Dry contact, RS232, RS485, and other monitoring interfaces are supported; industry-first double-serial-port/three-serial-port function; and many SNMP cards are supported to upload the data independently.

Thermal power plant, hydropower plant, wind power plant, nuclear power plant, garbage power plant, power transmission and distribution station, and substation, etc.


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