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HP-G series three-phase input and output 10KVA-200KVA

HP-G系列 三进三出 10KVA-200KVA

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◆Three-phase input and output double-conversion pure online product, supporting 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz power grid system, to provide the best power supply quality and load protection;

◆Ultra wide input voltage and frequency range, to adapt to severe power grid environment, as well as access of various oil-fired generators;

◆Input power factor up to 0.99; input harmonic current smaller than 3%; and overall efficiency greater than 95%, to realize green, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy conservation;

◆DSP full-digital control, to realize the full digital control of rectification, inversion, charge, discharge, and different power conversion links;

◆7-inch touch screen design, to clearly show the running state, load conditions, and battery power supply situation of UPS on the panel, so that the user can grasp UPS power supply quality and application environment changes at any time;

◆Perfect power distribution scheme, with allocation of bypass switch (optional), input switch, output switch, and service switch;

◆The panel is equipped with EPO emergency shutdown button;

◆All circuit boards are of three-proofing technology;

◆Cold start of battery is supported, so that the users can start directly via battery pack under the condition without available mains supply;

◆Communication management: RS232/RS485/SNMP (optional)/LBS cable (optional)/lightening protection module (optional).

Finance, communication, security office, computer room power, network center, electronic medical equipment, industrial control equipment, and other fields

Three-phase input and output 10KVA-200KVA

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