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HQ-GR series three-input and single-output 10KVA-20KVA

HQ-GR系列三进单出 机架式 10KVA-20KVA

  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Ultra wide input voltage range

◆With ultra wide input voltage range, normal power supply also can be guaranteed even in the remote area with bad electric power environment; battery discharge frequency is reduced, and battery service life is improved.

Friendly human-computer interface

◆LCD Chinese display panel clearly shows the various running states of UPS, so that the user can grasp UPS power supply quality and application environment changes at any time.

Standard 19-inch, backup battery compatible with lithium-iron battery

◆19-inch rack-mounted structure, installed in a standard cabinet, to save the occupation area and space; facilitate installation, use and maintenance; and compatible with backup use of lithium-iron battery.

Latest DSP control technology

◆Advanced DSP digital control technology is adopted, to effectively improve the product performance and system reliability, and realize the integration and miniaturization with higher power density.

Automatic correction function of input power factor

◆Active power factor correction technology of digital control is adopted, and the input power factor is up to more than 0.99, to avoid the pollution of power grid environment, therefore, reaching the purpose of saving energy and reducing the system investment cost.

50/60Hz frequency adaption function

◆Automatic identification, adaptive to 50Hz/60Hz power system, to satisfy the global power system requirements.

Compatibility with electric generator input

◆Wide input voltage and frequency ranges, able to effectively isolate the poor power produced by electric generator, therefore, providing a clean, safe and stable power supply for load.

ECO economic operation mode

◆ECO operation mode, efficient and energy-saving, to reduce the customer’s use cost.

Flexible input wiring mode

◆10KVA-20KVA can be set with two kinds of input wiring (380Vac and 220Vac optional) on site, so that the installation will be more flexible.

Cold start and start with mains supply

◆UPS can be started directly with battery when mains supply is in abnormal situation, to satisfy the emergency demands.

◆UPS may be started directly with mains supply under the condition without battery, and it can be used as high-precision voltage-stabilized power supply.

N+X parallel redundancy function

◆With N+X parallel redundancy function


LAN server, communication base station server, small and medial-sized enterprise data room, small branch of financial system, industrial automatic control system, and other fields

Three-input and single-output 10KVA-20KVA

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