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Micro module


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range


◆Efficient power supply and distribution architecture, and “close to heat source” refrigerating method, to effectively reduce the module PUE value; 

◆Closed channel, isolating the cold and hot air flows, to eliminate invalid air current circulation and eliminate local hot spots;

◆Module integration management, and coordinated operation, to effectively improve the efficiency of functional modules and components;

Simple and reliable 

◆Data center infrastructure productization, to reduce the construction technology influence, and improve the system reliability; 

◆Product-level factory inspection, higher quality guarantee;

◆Strong adaptability, suitable to user’s various site conditions; 

Rapid deployment 

◆Standard parts, engineering removal, overall delivery;

◆Prefabrication and pre-commissioning in the factory, plug and play on the site;

◆Match based on business development as required, rapid expansion;

Single-module scheme: applicable to the small/medium-sized data center with power consumption below 120kW and area below 100m2; facing to the demands of data centers of small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise branches; Multiple-module scheme: through flexible arrangement of multiple modules, to build a large data center; facing to the demands of large data centers in IDC, large enterprise, financial center, government, army, supercomputer center, education, medical treatment, and other industries.


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