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  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

◆Simpler, more time-saving, safer, lower cost, and better management, etc.;

◆All-in-Rack design, integrating cabinet, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, management, and other subsystems; 

◆Fully enclosed design of cold and hot channels, to support 8 IT cabinets at maximum; 

◆Average power supported up to 3kW, maximum power 20KW;

◆Rack-mounted/modular UPS and rack-mounted power distribution design, with high density and high efficient;

◆Rack-mounted, row-level refrigeration method, near-end refrigeration, enclosed channel, isolation of cold and hot air flows, overall PUE up to below 1.5;

◆Emergency ventilation system included, to realize natural heat dissipation via fan in case of failure of air conditioner; 

Various outlets (telecommunication, finance, energy, radio & television, retail …), small and medium-sized enterprises, edge data center, large enterprise, government, education, and medical branches and networks


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