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Precision air conditioner


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◆Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly: with advanced high-efficiency compressor, high-efficiency coil pipe, and fan, the unit has low energy consumption and high efficiency, which is environmentally-friendly and pollution-free.

◆High control precision: advanced control logic, energy-efficient refrigeration system in cooperation with electrical heating and electrode humidifier, to guarantee the indoor temperature and humidity to satisfy requirements. 

◆Wide range of operation: condensate fan governor, to guarantee that the unit can run normally when outdoor ambient temperature is -20~+45℃.

◆Durability: world-leading technology, parts of well-known brands, to guarantee an excellent performance and long service life.

◆Good-looking appearance: cabinet is of electrostatic spray treatment, with smooth, tidy and scratch-free surface.

◆Convenient installation and maintenance: maintenance space is reserved for each part, to facilitate the customer to conduct daily maintenance of unit.

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