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EYA-X series micro power supply source


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

◆Rectifier module of active power factor compensation technology, with power factor up to 0.99;

◆Wide range of input voltage, with AC input voltage as wide as 90~290V;

◆Rectifier module of full bridge soft switch technology, with efficiency up to more than 94%; 

◆Perfect battery management: LVLD+LVBD function, able to realize the functions of temperature compensation, automatic even and float charging control, automatic voltage regulation, battery capacity calculation, and online battery test, etc.;

◆Networked design, to provide multiple communication interfaces (like RS485 and dry contact); flexible networking, able to realize local and remote monitoring and unattended operation;

◆Perfect AC/DC side lightning protection design, applicable to the region with frequent thunderstorms;

◆Perfect fault protection, and fault warning functions;

◆Aviation interface used at the end of power distribution, safe to install and use;

◆Optional APP, to realize remote meter reading function;

◆Protection grade IP65, to support installation in the open air and various harsh environment conditions;

◆Optional output 48Vdc and 280Vdc modules;

◆Able to work normally under -25℃~55℃; 

◆Modular design, convenient installation, and easy operation maintenance;

◆Standard lithium iron phosphate battery pack, convenient expansion of battery pack; optional lead-acid battery;

◆Full frontal operation and maintenance, supported to be hung on the wall or installed via derrick, to effectively save the space;

◆Ultralow radiation. Advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and rectifier module, able to satisfy the requirements for conduction and radiation interference given in the Limits and Methods of Measurement of Electromagnetic Compatibility of Communication Power Equipment (standard of communication industry of the People’s Republic of China YD/T983); 

◆Safe and reliable: system design is in fully line with safety standards EN60950 and GB4943.

Power supply to small SPC exchange, access network, transmission equipment, mobile communication, satellite communication ground station, and microwave communication


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