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HW-D series lithium battery integrated power supply


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Simple installation, convenient use 

◆Indoor type and outdoor type, two design ways, convenient to be used in different occasions;

◆Small volume, built-in lithium-iron battery, integrated structure design, easy and convenient installation, and space saving;

◆Modular structure: power module, battery pack, power distribution unit, and cooling system are of modular structure, to realize quick installation and maintenance, and convenient use. 

Safe, burglarproof

◆Mutual lock of top and bottom poles, to improve the prevention of burglary;

◆Optional access control system: the power cabinet is installed with a burglar alarm device, and the alarm horn will sound automatically to given an alarm once the cabinet door is opened, to improve the prevention of burglary;

◆Perfect protection function: output overvoltage/undervoltage protection, output overload/short circuit protection; over-temperature protection; battery undervotlage warning, and protection; battery overcharge protection; surge protection and lightning protection, and other protection functions;

◆Intelligent unattended operation: when UPS starts the power supply by battery in case of outage of mains supply, automatic protection shutdown is realized finally due to battery undervoltage. After recovery of mains supply, UPS will firstly detect whether the voltage and frequency of mainly supply are in normal range; when the voltage and frequency of mainly supply are not in normal range, UPS will enable charger to charge the battery, until the voltage and frequency of mainly supply are recovered to normal range, UPS will start automatically to supply power to load; 

Energy-saving, reliable 

◆Start-up self-check function, to discover the UPS fault risks at an earlier stage, therefore, avoiding losses;

◆Intelligent fan speed regulation design, to extend the fan service life, efficient and energy-saving;

◆Built-in lithium-iron battery, featured by wide service temperature range, high specific energy, long service life, and environmental protection; 

◆Digital control technology, avoiding the inherent defects of hardware parameter temperature drifting of traditional simulation control, and guaranteeing the consistency and reliability of UPS;

◆Strong load capacity: aiming at the characteristic of chugging in the moment of launching of base station equipment, advanced IGBT power device is adopted, to enhance the load capacity, able to work under full load conditions, therefore, saving the user’s investment; 

◆Advanced power factor correction (PFC) technology, to make the input power factor higher than 0.99 under full load condition, therefore, improving the utilization of power energy, completely eliminating the harmonic pollution of UPS to utility grid, and reducing the operating cost of UPS; it is a green and environmentally-friendly power supply with very high cost performance;

◆Cold start function: UPS can be started directly via battery pack under the condition without mains supply, to satisfy the user’s emergency demands. Super-strong cold start function, to guarantee cold start operation under the full load condition;

◆Optional function of heating blanket, able to heat the storage battery automatically under low temperature environment, therefore, improving the low temperature operation performance of the storage battery.

Intelligent monitoring management function  

◆Standard RS232 communication interface: through monitoring software, the power supply system operation can be monitored online directly and remotely, to improve and simplify the network management work, and enhance the system reliability; optional RS485 interface and SNMP card are supported;

◆Dry contact communication interface, including mains power outage, low battery level, and system alarm interfaces.

Operator’s indoor distribution base station, network optimization, outdoor remote coverage; and private network computer rooms of railway, post and telecommunications, and public security organs


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