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XMI-HR series intelligent AC and DC integrated power supply

  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Flexible use, strong environmental applicability

◆Lithium iron phosphate battery or lead-acid battery may be configured in the battery pack;

◆Standard 19-inch U-degree rack structure, wall-mounted/embedded installation supported, flexible to use; 

◆Strong overload capacity; 150% rated load impact operation supported; applicable to loaded non-linear characteristic communication equipment;  

◆AC220V and DC48V can be output at the same time, with isolation of AC and DC, to effectively solve the power supply to operator’s various communication loads; 

◆DC cold start and self-start upon connection of power supply: DC start may be conducted when there is no mains supply, and restart will be conducted automatically after power supply is connected, to satisfy the user’s emergency treatment, and troubleshooting timeliness requirements.

Efficient, energy-saving 

◆Input power factor above 0.99

◆Intelligent multi-stage fun speed regulation;

◆Efficiency up to more than 90% under the battery model, and efficiency above 99% under utility model.

Safe, and perfect protection function 

◆Battery protection function: battery power down voltage is set, to extend the battery service life;

◆Output overvoltage/undervoltage protection, output overload/short circuit protection; over-temperature protection; battery undervotlage warning, and protection; battery overcharge protection; surge protection and lightning protection, and other protection functions, to greatly guarantee the stability and reliability of communication system operation. 

Unattended operation function 

◆When the system enters into automatic protection due to battery undervoltage for mains supply is out of order for a long time, the system can be started automatically after the mains supply is recovered to normal to charge the battery, therefore, effectively protecting the battery and extending the battery service life.

Intelligent monitoring management function  

◆Dry contact communication interface, including mains power outage, low battery level, and system alarm interfaces.

◆Standard RS232 communication interface: the power supply system operation can be monitored online directly and remotely, to improve and simplify the network management work, and enhance the system reliability; optional RS485 interface and SNMP card are supported;

Indoor distribution system, remote unit, macro coverage, and fixed network access


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