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HP-GY series industrial UPS


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

True online dual-conversion and DSP control technology 

◆Input/output, battery/ bypass dual-conversion, able to effectively eliminate all disturbances from power grid.

◆High-performance DSP (digital signal processor), to realize full-digital THDC control

Strong electrical performance to prevent the damage of connection of top and bottom

◆Able to accept wide input voltage and frequency

◆Able to deal with the worst public facility conditions

◆Able to eliminate the harmful distortion of electric power and resist various serious impacts from different loads

Screwless cabinet design and plate with three-proofing full coating, able to suffer bad environment 

◆The external cabinet is of screwless design and all PCB plates are coated with the insulating paint resistant to moisture, static electricity, leakage, dust, and corrosion; firm design is applicable to the scenes with severe environment, high temperature, high humidity, and dense dust. 

Unique ventilation design and effective cooling system 

◆Unique ventilation design, allowing the forming of convection current in the process of hot air rising

Adjustable battery number 

◆Adjustable battery number is suitable for different DC system demands

Double-input of compatible electric generator 

◆The access of two independent power supply is allowed to improve the equipment reliability

Superstrong overload capacity and high short circuit protection 

◆Built-in high short-circuit protection function, i.e., when primary short circuit occurs, this mechanism will be activated and the load will be protected continuously

Overload capacity: 110%-6 minutes and125%-10 minutes supported

N+X parallel redundancy design

◆Parallel connection without need of balance reactor, to increase the system capacity and the reliability of power redundancy

ECO energy-saving mode

◆ Provide ECO energy-saving mode to reduce the energy loss

Full front installation and maintenance design, to save the user’s space

◆Full front design able to realize operation, maintenance and replacement via front panel conveniently

Industrial control system, natural gas and petroleum, industrial machinery & instruments and measurement Military application and security and protection system, nuclear energy, and other industrial energy power supply systems Hospital, airport, semiconductor, water treatment, metallurgy, and other infrastructures


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