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HP-T series power frequency on-line UPS


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Reliable and stable 

◆Fan transmission cooling system is designed on the top, and it can be installed against the wall to save the user’s space

◆N+1 redundancy fan transmission cooling system, to guarantee the system safety in case of failure of vulnerable parts 

◆Built-in manual maintenance bypass switch, to further improve the reliability of continuous load operation

◆Advanced phase-locked synchronization technology and electron static bypass switch, to guarantee the continuity of load power supply 

◆Standard output isolation transformer, with good load impact resistance and short circuit protection capacity; power frequency design more adaptive to the complicated environment with unstable power supply

◆100% unbalance of three-phase load is allowed, with strong load adaptability, and convenient output power distribution, especially applicable to computer room, communication, industrial application, and other important environments

Patented design 

◆New turbo fan, with excellent heat dispersion, variable-speed and energy-efficient

◆Advanced digital parallel control technology, able to guarantee the parallel operation of 8 sets at maximum, to improve the system reliability

◆Adoption of many feedback control ways like instantaneous control mode and effective value, to realize the high dynamic regulation, and reduce the output voltage distortion  

◆Application of high-speed DSP and PLD, with high overall precision and fast computing speed, to guarantee the ultrastable operation of system

◆Use of the most advanced 6th-generation IGBT technology, to comprehensively improve the working efficiency of inverter, and make UPS have a lower temperature rise and higher reliability 

◆Parallel operation of UPSs with different powers from the same series, and automatic distribution of loads based on the power of UPS, to greatly facilitate the expansion of UPS

◆Digital circulation control technology, to guarantee the UPSs put into parallel operation to have the same frequency, same phase, and same voltage, and make parallel UPS circulation greatly reduce, therefore, comprehensively improving the reliability of parallel system. 

Perfect protection 

◆Start-up self-diagnosis function, to avoid the possible failure risks due to UPS-related hidden danger 

◆AC input surge protection, overvoltage/undervoltage protection; output overload/short circuit protection; inverter, and rectifier over-temperature protection; and battery undervoltage warning protection

◆Battery overcharge protection; various protection functions like fuse protection and circuit breaker protection, to greatly guarantee the stability and reliability of system operation

Intelligent and friendly

◆Friendly 7-inch human-computer interface touch screen design with Chinese and English for option, intuitionistic and clear running state flow chart, touch screen design of intelligent icons, to guarantee zero distance of human-computer communication

◆RS485 interface and 14-channel dry contact interface of standard MODBUS protocol, especially applicable to industrial control field

◆Through RS232 interface, and in cooperation with intelligent monitoring software, timely communication with PC can be realized, the various parameters and operating states of UPS system are clearly displayed on the communication interface of PC, and through software setting, the computer can conduct direct control of different functions to UPS system

◆With optional SNMP adapter, the system is provided with direct Internet access function, and can provide real-time UPS data and power supply information, and communication and management can be conducted through various network management platforms, so that the system can become a member in the Internet instantly

Medical equipment, precision instrument and equipment, large data room, and communication network management center Bank/securities clearing center, highway lighting/billing Medium and large-sized data rooms, small and medium-sized office automation, large automatic production line and its control system

Three-phase input and output 10KVA-400KVA

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