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HQ-I series industrial UPS


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Safe and efficient 

◆Ultra wide input voltage range, more applicable to industrial grid environment.

◆Advanced power frequency IGBT rectification technology, with an extremely high input power factor; 

◆With battery cold-start function, UPS can be started directly via battery pack under the condition without mains supply, to fully develop the emergency backup function of UPS, which is more convenient and reliable; 

◆Humanized operation and control design, without strict operation and control sequence, safe and easy to use;

◆Standard input/output isolation transformer, with good load resistance and short circuit protection capabilities; and industrial UPS design more suitable to the complicated environment with unstable power. 

Physical characteristics

◆Ventilation method: natural convection, independent air duct, and thermal shunt design;

◆Adapt to the harsh working environment of high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt and alkaline, corrosive gas, and vibration;

◆All circuit boards are sprayed with anticorrosive insulating paint, with the abilities of insulation and resistance to humidity, electric leakage, shock, dust, corrosion, aging, and corona;

◆Reinforced composite structure cabinet design, and humanized front-end maintenance design, to save the space. Various components to improve IP grade can be selected, to adapt to various harsh working environment conditions.

Other characteristics 

◆N+X no-master-slave self-adapting parallel technology, to realize multicomputer parallel operation easily; 

◆Three-stage balanced charging, to improve the battery usability and reliability;

◆DSP control technology and power redundancy design, with higher performance and stronger adaptability; 

◆Manual maintenance bypass design: uninterruptible power supply to load still can be guaranteed in the maintenance process, to improve the reliability and maintainability;

◆System state, operating procedure, real-time detection value, troubleshooting data, and image data display in Chinese/English and text/diagram and touch operation, advanced and convenient. 

Electric power, petroleum, chemical engineering, maritime engineering, military engineering, aviation, rail transit, industrial manufacturing, shipbuilding, and other industrial fields


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