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HQ series intelligent power industry on-line UPS


  • Performance characteristics
  • Application field
  • Power range

Stable and reliable 

◆Dual-DSP full digital control technology, with high overall control precision and quick computing speed;

◆Manual maintenance bypass design: uninterruptible power supply to load still can be guaranteed in the maintenance process, to improve the reliability and maintainability;

◆Series hot backup, buscouple, and N+X parallel redundancy are supported, and high-reliability power supply quality can be provided, so it is applicable to the environment with extremely harsh electrical power environment;

◆With a strong impact resistance, a higher protection can be provided for the interference produced by instantaneous load change, to improve the load capacity of UPS, with a good compatibility; 

◆Optional 12-pulse rectifier type, to effectively improve the input power factor of UPS, and reduce the input current harmonics.

Battery management 

◆Optimal charging current is set according to the battery behavior and capacity; 

◆A charger may be selected according to actual needs, to satisfy the charging demand of long-delay power supply system.

Rich interface, and friendly interaction 

◆Chinese LCD display interface, with rich and clear content of display;

◆Simple operation: all the operating data of system can be known via display screen, and also LED state indicator light is provided, so as to know UPS operating state at any time.

Physical characteristics 

◆Ventilation method: natural convection, independent air duct, and thermal shunt design;

◆Adapt to the harsh working environment of high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt and alkaline, corrosive gas, and vibration;

◆All circuit boards are sprayed with anticorrosive insulating paint for three-proofing treatment, with the abilities of insulation and resistance to humidity, electric leakage, shock, dust, corrosion, aging, and corona.

Intelligent management 

◆Optional maintenance bypass switch, easy to maintain; 

◆MODBUS communication protocol is supported, and unattended operation of MODBUS is also supported;

◆RS232/RS485/SNMP (optional) communication interface or dry contact interface is provided.

Computer center, network center, data center, electronic medical equipment, industrial control equipment, and other emergency equipment


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