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Medical industry solutions


Evada healthcare HP-T series UPS three-phase input and output online UPS has a single capacity from 10KVA to 400KVA, and it is a kind of high-performance sine wave UPS system specially designed for the key application systems such as data processing center, host computer system, manufacturing and telecommunication equipment and medical equipment. It provides an important power protection with high availability and high reliability. This series of UPS applies dual-conversion and pure online IGBT technology and high-speed DSP signal processor, adopts advanced digital parallel connection control technology and can realize the parallel operation of up to 8 computers to ensure the reliable and stable output of sine wave power supply.

HP series of UPS products are widely applied in medical equipment, precise instrument equipment, expressway lighting, billing, small and medium network system/computer room, billing center, calling center, traffic service group, industrial process control application, small and medium office automation and computer equipment etc.

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Medical industry solutions

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