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Data center solutions


HQ-M series modular UPS combines the technical characteristics of traditional tower-type computer and the demand of modularization of modern computer, which realizes the modular design while ensuring the high reliability of the system. This series is devoted to the intelligent, reliable, green, simple and saving solutions, with various product performance indicators reaching the international leading level. With an extremely high cost performance, it is the optimal choice for high-reliability power supply demand of various industries. HQ-M series of products provide the power modules and cabinet systems of various powers and users can configure them flexibly according to the load demand. A single cabinet can realize the capacity of 200KVA, and after parallel connection, the cabinets can realize capacity configuration of 800KVA to provide protection for the data in the computer room.


Structural diagram of solutions

Data center solutions

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  • HQ-M500 series 40kVA~500kVA
  • HQ-M300 series 10kVA-300kVA
  • HQ-M80R series 10kVA~80kVA
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